Finally i have become a successful redditor

oh man im so exited for the Big Bang Theor y season eight


com for my homie

isaac is my lyf

make two posts and like a post… check.

goodbye tumblr for another 15 days

im going to go there

now im here

I am going to bed i got everything i wanted to have today i feel good, very happy, and


yeah it was talking about you shockingraichu name i always read as “shockin’ graichu”

thank you kind-of-helpful electric rodent

if you changed your url during the summer i have bad news for you i dont know u anymore i dont know who u are and what you want from me i just want to get out and study some damn english language for the love of god damn in the grass of the silent city of my city

jellygod replied to your post: when rebirth comes out it can be 1000 …

love that issac

love that isaac

[1:30:42] Nel: what was it called when you make a post where ur like i want more followers and people reblog it so other people know that you actually want followers not like everyone else that only think they want followers but they dont actually want them
[1:31:23] Kristen: promo ?